Some SLC Gathering Highlights...:)

Thanks to all who came to the first ever Gathering for Spirit Led Creativity! Below are some photo and video highlights. We'll add more during the week -- including parts of the discussion we had on "what is spirit led creativity?"-- so be sure to check back in! Feel free to send in your own photos.

The opening act was an excerpt of "Light Comes," a play by Sarah Moon on the problems of mountain top coal mining and the electricity industry. Here's a nice moment from that...

Next we saw "The Well Beneath the Hill," a short film made specifically for the SLC Gathering by Juan Alduey and Robert Baldridge, exploring "what is spirit led creativity?"

For our closing worship we made a group mandala. Stephen McDonnell led us through this exercise, and discussed the nature and history of mandalas...

And here is a photo of our finished group mandala! Click on it to see a slide show:)


  1. Wow, the colors look so vibrant in that shot. Really beautiful! "We made that"

  2. Hey Sarah! Yep, I'm quite proud of what we made. I did touch up the photo a tad, if only to make it more true to the real thing;)