Sunday, November 03, 2019

An invitation to Friends

An invitation to Friends:

Please join us in our lovely parlor in Gramercy for an evening of baroque music from Michael Shingo Crawford and Steve Kramer - Independence String Ensemble. They're a violin/cello duo - and we're delighted to host them!

We're a quiet Quaker community and we hope that we can bring a little peace into your life with music and fellowship in our 1880's parlor. Our audience kindly said in March that they enjoyed our Groupmuse and we hope you will as well.

November tenth, 2019

Penington Friends House
215 East 15th Street
New York
next to the 15th Street Meetinghouse


Length: about an hour

At a Groupmuse, we ask guests to sit on the floor if they can - chairs for others. Bring snacks if you like, but no alcohol or animals please. We’ll ask for a donation of at least ten dollars as an honorarium to our musicians.

RSVP here:

Looking forward to meeting you,

- Steve Capra
- Elizabeth Gilmore

Penington Friends House

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Arts Committee 2019

Some of our current projects activities:

  • Social Sculpture for Individual Goals
  • "Quakers in Hollywood" - a film festival that looks at the way Quakers are portrayed in popular films
  • Open mic - a chance for the community to share poetry, music and spoken word performance.