The Future of SLC Gatherings...

"what always is an essential element in the the mysterious." - Alan Watts

The first ever Gathering for Spirit Led Creativity happened on July 10, 2010. A few days later the Arts Committee put out the following minute at its July monthly meeting, which includes suggestions about future gatherings:

SLC Gathering Report-back: Committee finds the SLC Gathering was well received and inspiring. Concerns were raised over the filming of the event, and how this can be done more appropriately in the future. We might also want programmed breaks. Another idea: if participants feel led to make art that directly speaks to the central query, we can help by offering Query-based Creativity Workshops in the months leading up to the next SLC Gathering. Committee agrees that the next step is to gather feedback from other SLC Gathering participants.
In other words: the Gathering was great -- we want to do it again, and better! What do you think?

Please click the "comments" link at the foot of this article to post your feedback, thoughts, suggestions, etc. How do you feel about having "Query-based Creativity Workshops" before the next Gathering, or programmed breaks at the event itself?

What about taking photos and videos at the Gathering? What's the best way to incorporate this? We can have a period when no filming or photographing is allowed, or make special tags available to those who prefer to not be photographed. Thoughts?

Your feedback will be reviewed at the next monthly Arts Committee meeting (Wednesday, August 11, 7pm @ the 15th Street Friends Meeting House). Thanks again to all who came to the first SLC Gathering:) We look forward to your reply!


  1. i found that the event was Spirit led . and deeply gathered..thank you all for sharing. bob baldridge

  2. Hi Quakers!

    I loved it...and want to do it again. Next time I will probably show a video....
    I probably will not be able to participate in any workshops leading up to the main event- too busy teaching at the Brooklyn Museum right now.
    I will send you an evite to an exhibition I'm in that features my prints on August 5